Monday, May 23, 2011

Scorpion Woman Definition:

The Scorpion Woman is a Woman that all should fear. The Scorp female lurks in shadows and is ready to strike at all times. She may seem normal even possibly friendly but all it takes is a simple humorous comment for her to shed her disguise and to strike. A scorpion woman has a distinct look. She usually sports a black Northface, leggings or blue jeans, and Uggs. Basically any girl you run into at College be wary of because it is likely she has scorpion tendencies. Scorpion woman fear fun and make sure to ruin it. They smell it from miles away. If she’s Asian it is actually a gene in their DNA and she is to be stayed away from at all cost. At the same time have pity for they cannot help it; like a Werewolf and a full moon an Asian female cannot help put be a scorpion woman. They may try to fool you with their good looks and sextime but it is an act. They are only looking for a host body to infect; they survive off the souls of the innocent man. If you have trouble sleeping tonight after reading this that is totally understandable. At least you lucky readers now know how to spot out a Scorpion Woman. So this weekend we urge you to point out any scorpions during your drunken adventures and make sure to harass them by yelling to all of your friends that a Scorp has been spotted. Your friends will be grateful.

Commonly asked question

Q: Is it ok to have sex with a Scorpion Woman ?
A: Of course; you’re only human.

Q: Is it ok to have a relationship with a Scorpion Woman?

Q: Is it possible for your mom to be a Scorpion Woman?
A: My mom’s infallible but your mom might be one.

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