Monday, May 23, 2011

The Great White North Face

There is no greater threat to our existence then the white north face girl, she is by far the most hardcore of the scorpion women. Although rare they do exist, sources believe they are responsible for the creation of most scorpion women. If you ever encounter the great white north face you should just run, drop your beer, grab your backpack and leave the area. This scorpion has shown up to the party to ruin everyones night. What ever party she is at is never going to meet her standards. She has been texting 20 different dudes since she got there. This breed is the most protective for every substance is a threat to the pristine condition of their pure white north face. Don't be thrown off by how much she stands out from her black north face counter parts she is going to cause more drama then you ever believed. It is unwise to mate with the white north face, but if you get the chance get after it and destroy the jacket. You may not make it out alive but you may have saved millions of parties. Keep your eyes open the scorps are out there and they are armed with zhenka and pepsi max.
"knowledge is our best weapon"
- C-Note


  1. be afraid....the stinger can directly penetrate your doing this a scorp can assure that your seamen is fertile with future scorp women..this has been common amongst the whit scorp..however little is known about the common scorps ability to penetrate the peephole....wrap it up if u take home a scorp!

  2. I didn't realize men could become carriers for such a thing. I feel the north face is used for more than just cellphone, keys, and dasani bottle full of zhenka. I believe within the pockets could be the key to how they penetrate the peehole.