Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The S.T.I.N.G Method

How to land a scorpion woman, a quick, safe guide to getting it in. I know allot of you are thinking isn’t unwise to mate with a scorp? There has been mixed studies overall about the pros and cons of mating with these creatures. I believe that if you remember to use protection and to never fall in love with a scorpion everything should be fine. The key is to land a scorpion women before she captures you this can be done quickly if you remember the acronym S.T.I.N.G

Shots, offer the scorpion women shots she will undoubtedly be with a large group of scorps but as long as the word shots is said you will remain unharmed, they will never turn away their main source of nourishment.

Talk about scorpion stuff, scorpion women are vey one dimensional talk about stuff they understand such as: partying, drinking, shots, uggz, northface, & greys anatomy.

Isolate, this can be the most difficult part since they often feed in large herds, offer your selected scorpion a special shot from your hidden stash either in your room, kitchen, or outside just get it the hell away from her crazy scorp friends.

North face, once you have said scorpion women in a secluded area away from the pack, preferably in your room you will need to get her out of the north face, once out of the jacket she will be powerless, she can no longer access her cellphone to be contacted by fellow scorps. One way to disarm the scorp is offer to hang up the northface so it wont get dirty while you do shots, she will be delighted and lower her guard.

Get it in, if you have followed all the steps correctly the next part should be a breeze, you all have your own moves so this is your time to improvise.
            ***Remember it is important to get rid of the scorpion women soon after mating, too much sober talking with a scorpion women could lead you to believe she is different from the others, this is false. All scorpion women are crazy and falling for one could ruin your life. By following STING you are taking the responsibility to do what you need to do then get rid of the scorp****
Hope this guide has been useful just remember S.T.I.N.G and scorpions will be powerless to stop you.
“Knowledge is our only weapon”

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