Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scorpions in the Snowboarding World

The Scorpion Woman is traveling the globe, expanding their target market.  They have seeped into the cracks of our beloved snowboard scene.  WE MUST GET THE OUT.  UNLESS THEY'RE DUMPING THEM OUT CONSTANTLY.
 "these gurls"  The classic snowboard groupie.  Lurking around the snow with the expensive camera that their dad just bought them in hopes they would do something productive with it.  Instead they take aggressive facebook photo's with a big smile on their facing thinking are the hottest of the hot.  But they are the nottest of the not.
son - "mom, can I have money for some pizza?"
mom - "NO."

Simple as that, scorpion woman don't feed their offspring.
These photo's have been submitted by our very own "eyes"

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