Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A question that must be answered:

We have some of our top scientist researching the answer Joe.  Thanks for your question!
If anyone has any input, please post below in the comments, or send an email to scorpionsighting@gmail.com


  1. Research for what to do after you have been stung is being conducted now, be patient my friend we will find a cure for the sting for now be sure to stay away from EMS and any were uggz are sold it will only make things worse.

  2. I have felt the rath of a great white stinger!..havnt been the same since..your cock will become enflamed and a burning sensation will take over in your loyns for two weeks..i tried to ice my balls but it didn't help...i think its the fertilizing of scorp women in your balls...in my struggle i have decided to never conceive children in fear of more scorp women..im really glad to have a place to share my pain,gain knowledge and combat this evil...however the white scorps know how to fuck and their vaginas stay magically tight..i think it must have something to do with all the innocent lambs they have slain..some sort of power is being harnessed